Awesome Goodbye!

Well, it's not really goodbye. Mount Awesome will always be there. I, David, ran into a problem with Mount Awesome. As much as I love Mount Awesome and want to spend every single day climbing towards its exalted peaks, I found myself repeating themes as I wrote about it. As I worked on other projects I would think of a Mount Awesome post, click the post to journal button and then sit and stare trying to put a new spin on a similar idea. Honestly, when I look back at some of the posts of the past, I don't know where they came from. It was like I was channeling something and I couldn't pretend that was happening now.

Of course, I could just fake it and recycle themes, but that wouldn't help me in my climb up Mount Awesome.

This journal will stay where it is, so you can always refer back to it.

I am moving on to a new venture: Creative Creativity.

This is my new website where I'll address many different themes, including things that belong on Mount Awesome, so far everything from the relationship between psychoses and creative genius to how to make your hot dog more AWESOME! If you would like to join me in my new venture, you can sign up for an RSS feed by clicking here or just friend creativecre on livejournal and it will show up in your friends list. (Also, there are many awesome people who read this. If you would like to submit something to my new site or have a fantastic email you want to share, just send me an email.)

I actually think the latest post would be of interest to all who climb Mount Awesome! 5 Tips For Tricking Yourself Into Being More Creative!

I have to thank one of my inspirations and co-conspirators in Mount Awesome, Michael White. He also has a website, Know More Trances, where he deals with issues like mind control, hypnosis and anything that strikes his fancy.

If I can channel Mount Awesome again, you'll know. It's not that you'll see it somewhere, you'll just sense it. The hairs will stand up on the back of your neck, you'll smile and a mysterious voice will whisper in your ear, "Mount Awesome is back. Sorry about the hairs on the back of your neck, they'll go back down in a second. Oh... You ROCK!"

Thanks for reading, stay awesome.

And the AWESOME winner is...

Have you been feeling less than awesome lately? Do you long for the heady climate at the peak of Mount Awesome? Well, it's time to give yourself an award!

Why wait for other people to recognize how AWESOME you are? It's a simple matter for you to do it yourself. Follow these five easy steps:

1. Go through your closet or junk drawer and find an object that you have no practical use for. For instance, a 5 1/4" floppy disk or that bizare Snow Baby figurine your aunt gave you for Christmas.

2. Decide what you deserve an award for. This part might be difficult. There are so many awesome things about you that your mind might be clouded for a moment. Perhaps you could be Pedestrian of the Year for the fantastic way you crossed the street this morning or perhaps you could win the Best Witty Comment That Came Too Late To Say In The Conversation I Was Having, But Made Me Laugh Later When I Was In Bed Award. Anything works that's true!

3. Write the name of your award on a piece of paper and tape it to the object. THE OBJECT IS NOW AN AWARD!!!!! It's like magic!

4. Have a ceremony where you give yourself the award. The ceremony is not as important as your acceptance speech. Remember to thank the important people and be sure to describe why this particular award is so important to you. Have music ready if you go on too long! You don't want to bore yourself.

5. Put the award in a place of prominence where you can see it and remember that you won.

Be careful you don't give yourself too many awards. If you cross the line, your awards will start to mean less than a Golden Globe!

Oh, and in your speech, don't forget to thank MOUNT AWESOME!

Awesome STRONG!

Do you have real AWESOME COURAGE?

Do you have real AWESOME POWER?

Say this outloud and in your booming voice "REAL AWESOME POWER!"

You're going to grow up with real AWESOME COURAGE because you are not afraid of your fear!

And you are not to allow anyone to teach you anything you do not want to learn! EVER! And I mean ANYONE!


Now climb.

Awesome Normal!

A chorus of voices are chanting in Crap City at the base of Mount Awesome!

"Out of control! I can't help how I feel! My life is so sad! Only an insane person wouldn't be angry if they were me! The world is so horrible, how can anyone be happy?"

We spend so much of our time trying to justify how we feel, we don't pay attention to the most important part. Where we return to normal!

Of course we all feel sad or angry or depressed sometimes, but if you feel sad long enough you might start to think of that as your natural, neutral state. You've let a temporary circumstance define your permanent state!

If you imagine your mood on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being the miserable pit of despair and 10 being the highest peaks of awesome awesomeness that you can barely imagine, your natural, neutral state would be a 5, right?

Not true! Some people let their neutral state slip as low as 2! When they wake up in the morning they start at a 2! Imagine that! That means if you have a really great day, you might hit a 3 or a 4.

Of course, you could always choose to have your neutral state be a 6 or 7. Or an 8, if it were that easy. But there is NO WAY that anyone could just pick their neutral state. To start every day remembering what it feels like when you are at an 8 and starting off from right there. Maybe you could link remembering how it feels to be that AWESOME to some simple act you do every morning, like getting out of bed, brushing your teeth or putting on your shoes. That's if you were some kind of SUPER GENIUS.

But, wait, you are a SUPER GENIUS!

In fact, if a SUPER GENIUS starts to adjust their mood, they soon find that their 8 is really a 5 and that 10 has grown to be EVEN MORE FANTASTIC AND AWESOME! And the cycle never stops. Neutral just keeps getting better.

Stop settling for the frame of mind that you just end up with and work to get the mood you want and deserve. Promise yourself to raise your neutral by at least 1 step today!

Don't settle for average days when you could have an AWESOME day!

I just have to say it!

You look great today. You've got a special sparkle in your eye.

I am gonna get out of your way now, because you are going places!

I don't know what you're doing, but do more of it. Grawr! (That's a tiger growl!)

Awesome POWER!

Just stay right where you are.

Now, imagine that you have a geyser of colorful energy shooting out of the top of your head. You're a roman candle! A torch! A spotlight so bright you can shine on the surface of the moon!

You've got so much energy and power you can't hold it all in. Tilt your head slightly back and forth and watch the power move. Now shoot it through your eyes and your hands. Let your hands grab hold of something and release some power into it. Use the power from your eyes to make something more beautiful.

Be careful, you might attract attention and people won't be able to look away. Sit up straight. Now you have a sphere of AWESOME all around you. You are no longer merely a spectator in the world, you are a battery that keeps the universe moving. Colors are brighter, food will taste better, sensible slacks will have a more comfortable fit.

There is nothing separating you from where you are right now!



Sure, you're on Mount Awesome all the time, but you still have to eat! And it's much more fun to eat with friends than it is to eat alone. But, how do you decide where to eat? Have you ever had one of those conversations about where to go to lunch that just goes on and on and no one will make a decision until you finally just end up going somewhere that no one likes?

You may not know it, but you are having that conversation in different forms all the time. People are always walking into situations with no idea how they want them to turn out. Well, here's a trick. Decide where you want to eat lunch before you start the conversation! (THAT'S JUST A METAPHOR, BUT YOU KNOW THAT BECAUSE YOU ARE A SUPER-GENIUS!)

Choose the outcome you want from people before you start interacting with them! Does this guarantee you'll get what you want? No. However, if you are the only one with a desired outcome from a situation, you will most likely get it!

Lets face it, most people just drift through life with zero attempt to navigate. They just react to what is put in front of them. However, because you are on MOUNT AWESOME and have so much passion and force behind what you do, you will pull other people along with you! You may not get specifically what you want, but you will pick the direction. Take advantage of the fact that most people have no idea what they are doing!

When you get introduced to someone for the first time, do you want to be friends? Do you care if they like you? Are you interested what they do? What about the cashier at the grocery store? What do you want out of the interaction? How about your boss at work? Your loved ones? A puppeteer? A latex glove salesman?

If you never decide where you want to go, what are the chances of going somewhere good?

OH! And when two people who are on Mount Awesome decide they are going in the same direction, they are unstoppable!

Want to do lunch?

Awesome Makeover Part 3

There are a lot of people out there who aren't on Mount Awesome. SHOCKING! (Not really, it's actually kind of obvious if you look around.)

Most of them don't even know that it's possible to be happy. So, when they see someone who is happy, comfortable with who they are, and enthusiastic, they will immediately try and talk you out of it! They want to sink your life raft, pop your balloons and pour sugar in your gas tank.

You have to ignore what other people think of you. One thing you'll notice is that the people who are most unhappy will be the ones who will most freely tell you what's wrong with you! That's right, they so envy you being a happy, productive, passionate person that they will point out supposed "flaws".

Sure, it's important to take positive feedback that will help you reach your goals, but that kind of advice comes from happy people who are comfortable with themselves and good at what they do. It doesn't come from miserable, self-important, failures. And no one is more free with opinions than someone who has given up!

If someone tires to drag you down, it's important that you cut them off and walk away! Who needs them? In fact, try and cut as many people who have a negative opinion of you out of your life as possible.

How much easier could it get that to ignore other people? Maybe you can make a tape in your head that you play every time someone is critical of you! (Personally, Mount Awesome recommends any of the James Bond title songs, except for the one by a-ha.)

Surround yourself with fellow MOUNT AWESOME-EERS!

Taste the AWESOME!